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Westgate Resorts Top 10 Makeup Artists in NYC

Top 10 makeup artists in NYC

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Top 17 NYC Makeup Artists in NYC

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Daily News NY

Feature story about the effects of the pandemic on the beauty industry, specifically cosmetics, Click Here

Makeup Lesson

Book a makeup lesson and I will teach you what you need to use and what you need to remove from your makeup bag! Makeup personalized for your own face. It gets confusing seeing so many videos on line. Trying to duplicate this when you might not have the same face shape gets confusing. Fear not! Let’s cut out what you don’t need to buy and focus on what works for you!

Learn the secrets of the industry to look like a celebrity or fashion model. Lessons are 2.5-3 hours. There is also a full day option where we go to Sephora or any makeup store and shop for you. You will receive a detailed face chart and videos of your application. Learn like a pro! You will be tested at the end :) This session will be fun and educational!